Barbie Role Models: Doani Emanuela Bertan (Brazil)

Teacher and Founder of Sala 8


Doani Emanuela Bertan

Doani Emanuela Bertan is a bilingual teacher in both Portuguese and Brazilian Sign Language in a São Paulo countryside city called Campinas. In 2020, Doani was nominated as ‘Top 10 Best Teachers In The World’ by the Global Teacher Prize - the ‘Nobel Prize’ for Education, between 12k participants from 140 countries. This prize is from Varkey Foundation in partnership with UNESCO.

To help her deaf and attention deficit students, and previously sent through WhatsApp, she started making videos on her ‘Sala 8’ YouTube Channel which she used to amplify the reach of her classes with content designed specifically her class. She currently has more than 14k subscribers and teaches math, Portuguese, geography and science in both languages, Portuguese and Libras, the Brazilian Sign Language. She believes that inclusion is when you offer knowledge and ways for a person to develop and make their own choices.