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Dad holding and comforting his infant baby

How to Calm a Crying Baby: Simple Solutions

“Why is my baby crying, again?!” It’s a question every parent has asked thems...


Napping: From Baby to Big Kid

Just put them down for a nap. It sounds so simple. But when you’re a parent, ...


Seven Tips to Help Your Newborn Sleep Like a Baby

Simple tips, tricks and solutions for those early “How’s the baby sleeping?” ...


Five Great Baby Toys for the First 12 Months

As a parent it can be tough to know which toys and activities are right for y...

9 Rainbow Summer Party Ideas

Barbie DIY Video

Barbie Dream Gap Project Curriculum

Welcome to the Barbie Dream Gap Project Curriculum, a multimedia experience c...

WE ARE Barbie

The Power of Representation

Barbie recognizes the importance of representation and is committed to doing ...


Honoring the Black Community

While great strides have been made in our product and content over the past f...


Matchbox Sustainability

How kids play today shapes the way they’ll drive the future. For nearly 70 ye...

How to Help Save the World!

A Family Guide

Dream Gap Project Interactive Lessons

Barbie Dream Gap Curriculum

Download UNO!™ App

Parents and caregivers can Download the UNO!™ app today and play with friends...

Coloring & Activity Pages

Thomas & Friends

Bingo Boards Activity


Monster Trucks Crafting Activity

Hot Wheels

Story: "Better Learn to Wait Your Turn"

Fisher-Price Little People

10 Dreamcamper Slumber Party Hacks

Barbie DIY Video

Why Babies Cry and How to Calm Them

We all love a good cry sometimes. It’s a helpful release. But what could a br...

The Ins & Outs of Potty Training

You’re likely at the point where you’d prefer to never see another diaper eve...


Barbie Sustainability

Check out our eco-friendly programs and products — and join us in creating a ...

Coloring Sheets, Mazes & More

Barbie Activity Center

Mattel PlayBack Program

Play should not have a shelf life or be tossed away. We design toys to be lov...

Barbie Dream Gap: Tips to Help the Girls in Your Life

Together, we can help girls transcend the Dream Gap. Here are some ways to su...

Barbie: The Benefits of Doll Play According to Neuroscience

Cardiff University, in a multi-year research partnership with Barbie, conduct...

Barbie Dream Gap Project

Barbie launched the Dream Gap Project in 2018 - an ongoing global initiative ...

Fisher-Price Safe Start

Fisher-Price is committed to building relationships with children and earning...

Fisher-Price Play Lab

The Fisher-Price™ Play Lab is where our experts meet with the real experts: k...

Coloring Sheets

Masters of the Universe: Revelation

Supporting You to Raise Antiracist Children

Written by Laura Henry-Allain and Emma Worrollo

Barbie Role Models

Barbie is committed to shining a light on empowering role models in an effort...