“Our Beautiful World” Reading Companion

Spread a Little Kindness Tips for Parents

How to use this resource:

When reading any book with young children, you can encourage and validate their curiosity by asking questions and listening to their answers and comments. Sometimes, they might ask you a question you don’t know the answer to, and that will provide an opportunity to model how you would seek out that information.

To get the conversation started, encourage your child to look closely at the illustrations. What do they notice about the characters? How are they similar or different from them? If they were in this story, what would they be doing—and why?

Here are some questions you might ask:

Look at all the different people! Have you seen any people like this in your neighborhood?

How are some of the characters moving on this page?

Do you see the character in a wheelchair? Do you know how or why people may use a wheelchair? All bodies move differently. Using a wheelchair is one way a person can move around.

How many different colors of skin do people have on this page?

What is the name of your skin color? There are different names for skin colors. All skin colors are beautiful.

What do you notice about the character taking pictures of the butterfly? There is a name for the way their skin looks. It’s called vitiligo.

What different kinds of hair do you see?

How are they different? (color, style, etc.)

What color is your hair? How do you style your hair?

Is your playground similar to or different from the playground on this page?

What are the different ways the people are moving on this page?

What are the different ways you move around?

Do you need a wheelchair or crutches to help you move?

Do the characters on this page remind you of friends you know?

What are some ways you can make a new friend?

What are some beautiful things about your friends?

What are some beautiful things about you?

I hope you and your little one have many curious conversations as you learn about our big, beautiful world—and each other.

Vera Ahiyya