Barbie believes in the power of representation and is committed to giving all kids the chance to see themselves in the dolls they play with and the stories they imagine. Increasing representation in our product, content, role models and marketing continues to be a top priority.

Spotlighting Asian Role Models

Kristi Yamaguchi

Through our global platform, we remain dedicated to honoring real-life female role models and amplifying their stories to inspire girls.

Our newest honoree is Kristi Yamaguchi, beloved figure skating icon and legend. Yamaguchi won her first major international titles at sixteen years old and went on to become the first Asian American woman to win an Olympic gold medal in figure skating at the 1992 Winter Games in Albertville, France. This collectible Barbie doll honors the inspiring athlete, wearing a replica of her iconic costume designed by Skating Costume Designer, Lauren Sheehan.

Join Barbie and Renee

Learn about the impacts Asian American and Pacific Islander Americans have made to our culture and history!

Barbie Dream Gap Donation

In continued support of the AAPI community, Barbie will split a contribution of a $25,000 Barbie Dream Gap donation between Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream and Aspire (Asian Sister Participating in Reaching Excellence, Inc.).

The donation aims to support initiatives dedicated to empowering Asian American women and girls, while also increasing education resources for all girls.

Aspire (Asian Sisters Participating in Reaching Excellence, Inc.)

ASPIRE’S mission is to build and empower a community of Asian American women leaders through identity development, mentorship, and education. Programming includes a Youth leadership program for AAPI high school girls, a Mentorship Program for college students, an annual conference, and community events.

Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream

The mission of Kristi Yamaguchi’s Always Dream is to ensure children have access to high-quality books in the home environment and extensive family engagement support. The Always Reading program supports Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten students at home by giving families a robust library of books and the support of a Book Coach to help parents and caregivers read regularly with their children.


We are committed to inspiring the limitless potential in every girl. Through The Barbie Dream Gap Project, a global mission, Barbie is dedicated to closing the gap by challenging gender stereotypes and helping undo the biases that hold girls back from reaching their full potential.

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