Monster High Project Belonging

Monster High is committed to creating a world where every kid is proud to be their authentic self and feel like they belong. Partnering with leading experts, we’re launching Monster High Project Belonging, a global initiative that provides parents and teachers with research-based tools that support belonging and help kids build healthy relationships.

Loneliness, isolation, and bullying have contributed to the mental health crisis.

Recent studies show that social isolation and loneliness are a growing problem particularly among youth. With loneliness rates increasing every year, identifying and investing in evidence-informed interventions to increase belonging and connectedness is crucial as we respond to the mental health crisis.1

Teachers estimate that 53% of students they serve are struggling with their mental health.2

69% of students were struggling with isolation due to the pandemic.2

98% of educators said mental health challenges act as a barrier to children’s education.2

Why A Sense of Belonging and Connection Matters

A sense of belonging is a fundamental need for kids’ mental and physical well-being. One consistent finding in the research literature is that higher levels of belonging and connectedness predict lower levels of depressive and anxiety symptoms in young people and can affect their academic outcomes.3

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