UNO Ultimate FAQs

What is Uno Ultimate™?

UNO Ultimate™ plays just like classic UNO® (where you try to get rid of the cards in your hand by matching color, number and symbol), but we combine it with heroic characters from popular entertainment. You get to choose one of these characters to play as and you get a special deck designed specifically for that character. Then you play against other heroes and villains from the same universe.

Why should I play Uno Ultimate™?

If you love a specific fantasy universe, you get to play UNO® as one of the characters from that universe, using rules and powers created specifically for fans.

What is the best way to start playing the game?

Open the package, choose a character, read the instructions and go! UNO Ultimate™ has a lot of rules designed just for this game which is what makes it such a rich gaming experience, so you’ll want to keep the instruction sheet handy at first as you go along.

What is the deal with these foil cards?

Each Foil Card represents an extended art or alternate art version of one of the Wild Cards or Character Cards that exist in Uno Ultimate™. You can set these Foil Cards aside as collectible items or use them in a game as you play to spice up the deck. Keep in mind that if you swap these collectible Foil Cards into your Character Deck, they may get wear and tear from being played with unless they are properly protected.

Why do the Foil Cards have different rarities?

Because they are collectible, the value of each card differs depending on its rarity.

How many Foils are there to collect?

Currently, there are 42 Foil Cards with 5 levels of rarity.

What are the other UNO Ultimate™ offers that have collectible Foil Cards?

Currently, there are Foil Cards available in UNO Ultimate™, UNO Ultimate™ Add-On Packs and specially-marked core UNO® packages.

How many characters are there?

There are currently 7 characters available, all from the Marvel Universe.

Can more than 4 players play Uno Ultimate™?

The game is best played with up to 4 players.

What if someone wants to play the same character as me?

You will have to find a fair way to resolve the issue. Rock-Paper-Scissors is a good place to start…

Are there plans for more characters?

Yes! There are UNO Ultimate™ Add-On Packs coming that will let you add more characters to UNO Ultimate™.

Where can I learn to play?

The UNO Ultimate™ instruction sheet that comes with the core game, or other resources on the UNO Ultimate™ product page.

What are the Action Cards in the game?

Draw 2, Skip, Reverse and Wild. All Wild Cards have specific rules based on the Character Deck they come from.

What is the Danger Deck?

Some cards have a “Danger Icon” on them. When they are played, you must draw a card from the Danger Deck. The Danger Deck is made up of two kinds of cards: “Enemy” Cards and “Event” Cards. When you draw an “Enemy” Card, that Enemy is now attacking your character and you must defeat it. If you draw an “Event” Card, you will be forced to act based on what the card says.

What if a card breaks the rules?

Some cards have ‘special rules’ that contradict the game’s main rules. In these cases, do what the card with the ‘special rule’ says.

Is stacking allowed?

No, except in certain circumstances when a card says you can.

Can I just combine all the danger cards together regardless of who is playing?

The game is best played when you use the Danger Cards attached to the characters playing the game. But this is UNO®, so feel free to experiment if you want!