Meet the Play Lab Team

Lisa Lohiser Ed.D.

Ed.D. Learning & Teaching in Social Contexts. M.S. Creativity & Change Leadership B.S. Elementary Education

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Creativity and creative problem-solving

Favorite Childhood Toy: My Barbie® Dreamhouse® with the yellow elevator!

Corrine Eggleston, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Elementary Education Ed.M. Early Childhood Education B.S. Early Childhood/Childhood Education

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Preschool play-based learning

Favorite Childhood Toy: Fisher-Price® Puffalumps™ Bunny - I took her everywhere!

Erin D'Rozario

B.S. Human Services & Child and Adolescent Services & Development

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Early childhood development

Favorite Childhood Toy: The Fisher-Price® Loving Family® Dollhouse.

Rachel Wachowski

B.S. Childhood Education

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Early childhood education & development and preschool play-based learning.

Favorite Childhood Toy: I loved my Fisher-Price® Loving Family® Grand Dollhouse.

Krystal Starke Ph.D.

Ph.D. Curriculum, Instruction & The Science of Learning. B.S. Psychology

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Neurodiversity, play-based learning and child research methods

Favorite Childhood Toy: Fisher-Price® Viewmaster™ especially with my Winnie the Pooh reels!

Nicole Mackiewicz, M.S.

M.S Childhood & Special Education B.S. Fashion & Textile Technology/Merchanidising A.S. Liberal Arts and Sciences

Expertise (aka, Superpowers): Early childhood education & development, adaptive planning & research technologies

Favorite Childhood Toy: My "Mall Madness" board game & Polly Pocket® dolls

Desiree Williams, M.A./A.C.

M.A./A.C.School Psychology B.S. Psychology

Cognitive development, social emotional wellness, children's media & wellness, and equity & inclusion

Favorite Childhood Toy: I loved my bright pink Barbie® Camper!

Courtney Craig

B.S. Business Management and Communications A.A. Entrepreneurship Business

Building Connection, Creative Recruiting & Team Collaboration

Favorite Childhood Toy: Fisher-Price® Fun with Food Kitchen, I would play for hours, had all the accessories & still have it today!

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