game title graphic – TIME DRIFTERS: KIRA'S STORY

Kira's Story Hints

Spoiler Alert! Check out these hints only if you need a help solving a puzzle or want the answer. Warning: Looking at future puzzle hints will spoil the story for you and your group.

Only click on the puzzle name or number that you are trying to solve. Some have more than one hint which will start with clues to nudge you in the right direction and end with the solution. Don’t click on the solution if you don’t want the final answer.

Travel Sketches
alt-img-Travel Sketches
  • Hint 1 The clockwise/counterclockwise instructions have nothing to do with the orientations of the drawings on the page. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 Are you using the gear with words on it? Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 Remember to note the letter associated with each drawing. You are spelling two words. Spoiler alert!
  • Solution When you rotate clockwise/counterclockwise around the gear and note the letter next to the drawing that matches each word, you spell out the words: NECESSARY GEAR
Path to Ignition
alt-img-Path to Ignition
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_P2_Hint-1.jpg
    Hint 1 Are you using the time machine? Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 N stands for North (Up), S stands for South (down), E stands for East (right), W stands for West (left).  Every instruction sends you to the nearest peg in that direction.   Still stuck?
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_Path-to-ignition_Hint-3.jpg
    Hint 3 You are creating letters with the thread. The first letter is “T”.       Spoiler alert!
  • Solution When you wrap the thread around the pegs per the instructions you get a word. The answers is: THREE 
Gear Alignment
alt-img-Gear Alignment
  • Hint 1 Place the gears on the graph on the schematic in a specific way. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 You must place ALL gears on the graph before you will see what you need.   Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 You don’t need the letters the gears are hiding. What’s left? Spoiler alert!
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_Gear-alignment_Solution.jpg
    Solution When you have placed all gears on the graph in the positions indicated, you see a word. The answer is: SPOKES
Where is P1?
alt-img-Where is P1?
  • Hint 1 Have you examined all sides of all materials? Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 You might need to piece together P1. Spoiler alert!
  • Solution P1 is located on the panels (the sides not inscribed with artifacts).
  • Hint 1 There seems to be broken letter fragments on the panels. Can you reassemble the letters? Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 Layer the panels over one another to make this work. Try starting with the big red P. Spoiler alert!
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_P1_Solution.jpg
    Solution When layered correctly, a word is revealed. The answer is: P1: MOUSE    
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_P2_Hint-1.jpg
    Hint 1 Are you using the time machine?      Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 This page goes on the peg side of the machine.  Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 Trust your FEELings. Ignore information that isn’t supported. Still stuck?
  • Hint 4 Place the paper over the pegs and feel for the letters that have pegs under them. What do they spell? Spoiler alert!
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_P2_Solution.jpg
    Solution The answer is: TIARA     
  • Hint 1 For this to work, you’ll need to stack all five panels on top of each other like dishes in a cabinet. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 Make sure all the red edges are aligned.  Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 Does the shape on the red edges look like any of the artifacts listed? That word is your answer. Spoiler alert!
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_P3_Solution.jpg
    Solution When you stack the panels, an image of a trident is visible in the cutouts along the red edges. The answer is: TRIDENT.
  • Hint 1 One of the gears has a mark that looks like something in the puzzle. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 Use the gear with the red V-shaped arrow.  Those blue marks seem to be pointing at something… Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 When you align the gear and the blue marks, the arrow points to one single letter each time.  What do those letters spell? Spoiler alert!
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_P4_Solution.jpg
    Solution When you align the ends of the red arrow with the blue arrows, the front of the red arrow points to the letters: TWO
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_P5_Hint-1.jpg
    Hint 1 ⇠ Try starting here ⇠ Still stuck?
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_P5_Hint-2.jpg
    Hint 2 ⇠ If you know that box has 3 sides and it can’t have anything touching the 0 box, you know how to draw those three lines.  ⇠ And because of the 0, you know where it will go from there ⇠ Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 Once you’ve completed the loop, the letters you’ve drawn over should spell out a word. That word is your answer. Spoiler alert!
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_P5_Solution.jpg
    Solution The loop should look like this. The answer is: LION
Panel Placement
alt-img-Panel Placement
  • Hint 1a You must solve all of Step 2 before attempting this. Confirm Step 2 ⇢
  • Hint 1b: Confirm Step 2 When I get to Step 3, the panel with the MOUSE is represented by the oval. The panel with the TIARA is represented by a shape that has one more side than the panel with the TRIDENT and TWO less than the piece with the LION. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 All five panels will be assigned a shape, including the one with a hole in it. Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 Only four of the shapes have a number of sides: triangle, square, pentagon, and hexagon. Still stuck?
  • Hint 4 If you know the Tiara panel has one MORE side than one shape and two LESS sides than another shape, there is only one shape it could be out of your possible options. Spoiler alert!
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_Panel-placement_Solution.jpg
    Solution The Mouse is the Oval, the Trident is the Triangle, the Tiara is the Square, the panel with the hole is the Pentagon, and the Lion is the Hexagon. Attach the panels to the outside of the time machine as shown.
Opening the Box
alt-img-Opening the Box
  • Hint 1a You must have the panels attached to the outside of the time machine in their correct positions to solve this puzzle. Confirm Panel Placement ⇢
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_Panel-placement_Solution.jpg
    Hint 1b ⇠ Confirm Panel Placement. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 Do you remember which gear is necessary from Step 1? Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 The gear with the words on it is one of the necessary gears.  Now, you’ll have to deduce the other two gears from those that are left. Make sure to use the pegs to hold them in place. Still stuck?
  • Hint 4 All three gears will fit perfectly in the panel with the hole in it. The gears’ teeth will mesh together nicely.  Spoiler alert!
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Kira_Opening-the-box_Solution.jpg
    Solution Place these 3 gears in the side panel on the time machine and spin them to open the box.