game title graphic – TIME DRIFTERS: BONUS GAME

Bonus Game Hints

Spoiler Alert! Check out these hints only if you need a help solving a puzzle or want the answer. Warning: Looking at future puzzle hints will spoil the story for you and your group.

Only click on the puzzle name or number that you are trying to solve. Some have more than one hint which will start with clues to nudge you in the right direction and end with the solution. Don’t click on the solution if you don’t want the final answer.

What City?
alt-img-What City?
  • Hint 1 Isabel needs to use the map and the ruler to follow instructions from Kira. Remember to start measuring from the 0 edge of the ruler! Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 Fez is the only city 10,000 km east (and slightly north) of Mexico City. Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 After Fez, you’ll travel to Madrid, Khiva, and finally Salalah. Still stuck?
  • Hint 4 Draw a 6,000 km circle around Salalah. Your circle should intersect two or three cities. One of those cities is your answer.  Spoiler alert!
  • Solution Travel from Mexico City to Fez to Madrid to Khiva to Salalah. The city 6,000 km from Salalah that comes first in the alphabet is: LAGOS.
What Second?
alt-img-What Second?
  • Hint 1 Isabel needs to use the digital displays on the Tempor-a-Meter to tell Kira what to color in. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 Make sure to clearly communicate what is part of the first digit and what is part of the second digit.   Spoiler alert!
  • Solution When you color in the digital displays from the four listed items you get the solution. The answer is: 06.
What Minute?
alt-img-What Minute?
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Bonus_What-Minute_Hint-1.jpg
    Hint 1 ⇠ These are the two gears with square teeth. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 You don’t need to place the gears on the machine, just on your table.  It doesn’t matter which way you spin them. Spoiler alert!
  • Solution When you spin as instructed, the little 5 ends up between the 2 and the 3. The answer is 23.
What Hour?
alt-img-What Hour?
  • Hint 1 While Isabel works on the wires, Kira should match the symbols to the letters they represent. Still stuck?
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Bonus_What-Hour_Hint-2.jpg
    Hint 2 ⇠ This is the first and last tile placement. Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 Once the blue wire is connected, pay attention to where the black arrows are pointing.  Still stuck?
  • Hint 4 Each set of arrows points to one and only one symbol.  What do those six symbols spell? Spoiler alert!
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Bonus_What-Hour_Solution.jpg
    Solution When the tiles are correctly arranged, the arrows point to the symbols that translate to the letters: TWELVE.
What Day?
alt-img-What Day?
  • Hint 1 Remember that while you can’t show each other your papers, you CAN show each other your time machine boxes. Don’t worry about the red string, you won’t need it for this puzzle. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 Only use the five pegs or holes that are red dots on Isabel’s paper.  Even if the path passes close to other pegs/holes, you only need those five. Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 For each red dot, mark it as a 1 if it is a permanent peg or a 0 if it is a hole. Spoiler alert!
  • Solution The path goes through peg-hole-hole-peg-hole. That translates to 10010. That is binary for 18. The answer is: 18.
What Month?
alt-img-What Month?
  • Hint 1 Kira, remember that your panels matched to these shapes in step 3. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 Arrange the panels flat on the table. Don’t stack them. The order of the artifacts on the panels from left to right is important. Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 Isabel, make sure your console is upright when you put the fifteen tiles in place. Still stuck?
  • Hint 4 Isabel, do you have anything among your materials that would include the date 638 AD? Spoiler alert!
  • alt-img-MAT_ERIAB_Time-Drifters_Answers_Bonus_What-Month_Solution.jpg
    Solution When you place the tiles correctly and flip them you get the image of an arrow ⇠ Then, when you place the console on the time map in the 500-1000AD area, it is pointing to the number 8. The answer is: August, the 8th month.  
What Year?
alt-img-What Year?
  • Hint 1 To solve this, you will need both Kira and Isabel’s “What Year” page, the ring with color words on it, and the gear with words on it. Still stuck?
  • Hint 2 The gear should stay stationary (with CAR in the 12 o’clock position) while the ring spins around it. Still stuck?
  • Hint 3 An emerald is a green gem. Does that point you towards anything? Still stuck?
  • Hint 4 Spin the ring around the gear until the word GREEN lines up with the word GEM. Notice that the red arrow points to the number 1. That’s your first number! Spoiler alert!
  • Solution When you spin the ring to match: GREEN GEM, BLACK CAR, RED PLANET, YELLOW FRUIT you get the year: 1796.