Barbie Dream Gap Project Curriculum


The Barbie Dream Gap Project x UCLA Center for Scholars & Storytellers

Each lesson will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. We recommend downloading the workbook and sharing the activity sheet(s) with your child before beginning each lesson. Educators, use this Scope and Sequence to access standards alignment, extension activities and more!

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Lesson 1: Participate: Any Way is Great!

Participation supports relationship-building, problem solving, and self-efficacy. In this lesson, your kids will learn why it’s important to get involved and how to find lots of ways to participate!

Lesson 2: Super Learners

Educational research suggests that believing we can learn anything helps a child grow. In this lesson, kids will learn about using a growth mindset and why learning is our superpower.

Lesson 3: Move Through The Tough Stuff

Resilience is the ability to move through the tough stuff. Learn more about resilience and why it’s important to recover and try again.

Lesson 4: Lots of Smarts

There are lots of ways to be smart! In this lesson, your kids will learn all about why it’s important to celebrate all the ways that they’re smart.

Lesson 5: Career Compass

Certain gender stereotypes can shape kids’ beliefs about which jobs may be available to them in the future. This lesson encourages kids to believe that they can be anything and explains why exploring lots of careers is important!

Lesson 6: Lead, Lead, Lead!

Gender stereotypes shape kids’ ideas about who can lead. This lesson showcases how diverse leaders use repect to guide, inspire, and help members of their communities.


Research shows that starting at age five, many girls begin to develop self-limiting beliefs and think they're not as smart and capable as boys. They stop believing their gender can be anything. This issue is called the Dream Gap, and to help close it, Barbie launched the Dream Gap Project in 2018 - an ongoing global initiative that gives girls the resources and support they need to continue believing in themselves.

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