How kids play today shapes the way they’ll drive the future. For more than 70 years, Matchbox has believed in the importance of play as a vehicle to help kids explore and appreciate the real world around them. Through play, we empower kids to one day take the wheel and drive us toward a better future.

Our planet faces increasing demand for natural resources and significant shifts in climate. By using more-sustainable materials*, promoting electric vehicles, and setting ambitious future goals, we’re helping steer kids toward a more sustainable tomorrow.

Made with Sustainability in Mind

We aim to use 100% recycled, recyclable, or bio-based plastics in our toys and packaging by 2030. See how we’re driving toward that commitment to sustainability.

How Matchbox is Driving Toward a Better Future

Moving Forward

Our Moving Parts collection is made using more-sustainable materials (minimum 51% ISCC-certified plastic [mass balance approach] and 99% recycled metal).

Real-World Inspiration

We partner with leading automotive brands to bring kids toy vehicles that reflect the electric vehicles they see on the road every day. 

Incorporating More ISCC-Certified Materials

By incorporating ISCC-certified plastic into our toy vehicles, Matchbox aims to reduce reliance on fossil-based materials, supporting a more circular economy.*

Recycle Ready

Made with sustainability in mind, Matchbox playsets are designed to be recycled in most regions when their days of play are through.

*Each Matchbox Moving Parts vehicle is made using a minimum of 51% ISCC-certified plastic (mass balance approach) and 99% recycled metal.