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Escape Room in A Box: Time Drifters Kira's Story Party Game For 13 Year Olds & Up

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Escape Room in A Box: Time Drifters Kira's Story Party Game For 13 Year Olds & Up

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The Time Drifters two-part series of Escape Room in a Box™ games is a thrilling puzzle-solving hunt with a twist: finishing both games unlocks a bonus 60-minute game that can be played remotely! The story is this: Isabel and Kira are time traveling adventurers. When a rip in the space-time continuum opened, their time machine ripped in half, trapping them in different locations and points in time. Now, players must work on their own or with up to 4 players to gather clues and solve the puzzle box. Once Kira's Story and Isabel's Story (each sold separately) are completely solved, a third extra game is unlocked with more time travel mysteries! The third game can be played remotely using an online videoconferencing system. This exciting board game brings big, curious fun to any game night and makes the perfect gift for puzzle-solving enthusiasts ages 13 and older. Colors and decorations may vary. You can purchase Isabel's Story, sold separately, to fully unlock the bonus game.

  • Combine Kira's Story game with Isabel's story (each sold separately) for a 60-minute BONUS GAME that can be PLAYED REMOTELY!
  • Players have one-half of a broken time machine. Solve puzzles and the PUZZLE BOX within 75 minutes to get the time machine working again!
  • Play individually or as a cooperative game with up to 4 players.
  • Features multiple engaging challenges with paper and physical puzzles.
  • This fast-paced adventure is great for escape room fans and puzzle-lovers!
  • Perfect for adults and teens ages 13 years and older.
5+ Years
Paper Puzzles, Non-Paper Puzzles, Non-Working Time Machine Puzzle Box

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Escape Room in a Box

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