What We Can Teach Our Kids


What We Can Teach Our Kids

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How Can We Help?

  • Learn what objects can be recycled and recycle them in the appropriate locations.
  • Support organizations who are working to clean up the ocean.
  • Swap single-use plastics for reusable products, such as plastic bags, straws, food containers, bottles, etc.
  • Join or organize a clean-up in your neighborhood.

Sustainable Resources to Share with Your Kids

Barbie shares ways we can all protect the planet

How to reuse Barbie fashion packaging and accessory packs

Fun DIY upcycle ideas for the Barbie Color Reveal tube

Learning About Recycling

Teach your kids about recycling with these easy tips.

Show them what the recycling symbols look like.

Share what types of things can be recycled.

Find 5 things in your house that can be recycled.

Downloadable Resource

To learn more about the problems facing our planet and ways you and your family can help, download this PDF.

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