Electric Vehicles:
Powering a Brighter Future

How Matchbox is helping kids learn about the benefits of EVs

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As drivers seek out sustainable solutions to personal transportation, more and more auto manufacturers are making a commitment to electrification. Matchbox is proud to introduce a growing number of electric vehicles into our line of die-casts, helping kids explore this exciting new technology. See how we’re putting the power of electric vehicles into kids’ hands, then keep reading below for more info that can help kids learn about EVs.

Learn More About Electric Vehicles

Did you know the first electric vehicle was invented in 1832? Or that an EV drove on the moon? Crazy but true! Keep reading to get plugged into some more EV fun facts.

  • Today, there are around 16 million EVs on the road. That’s a lot! And there will be even more in the future. (Source)
  • An EV is powered by an electric motor instead of a gas-powered internal combustion engine. So it runs totally on electricity!
  • Instead of fueling up with gasoline like vehicles with internal combustion engines, EVs plug in to charge, kind of like a laptop or a phone!
  • EVs can be charged at charging stations located throughout the world. However, most people charge their EV at home overnight. So while you’re dreaming, EVs are charging! (Source)
  • EVs are more than three times more efficient than cars powered by today’s conventional internal combustion engines. That’s a great deal—almost like getting three Matchbox® cars for the price of one! (Source)
  • Because of their electric motors, EVs operate much more quietly than internal combustion vehicles.
  • EVs can help save money! They don’t require the same level of maintenance or oil replacement as vehicles with internal combustion engines, so they cost less to maintain. (Source)
  • Guess what: Some EVs can even self-charge! They feature “regenerative breaking,” which uses energy to charge the battery when the car slows down. (Source)
  • Since EVs don’t emit pollutants from tailpipes and don’t run on gasoline, their operation pollutes the air less than internal combustion engine vehicles. And that’s a big deal! (Source)
  • Matchbox made history with a die-cast EV. Our Tesla Roadster was our first die-cast car to be made from 99% recycled materials.

More Purposeful Play

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We believe play is a powerful tool in shaping how kids see the world. So not only is Matchbox expanding electrical vehicle representation and committing to sustainable manufacturing, but we’re also promoting greener behaviors by infusing sustainable themes into how kids play, such as incorporating EV chargers and solar panels into our playsets. This way Matchbox better reflects the changing vehicle landscape and helps kids experience a greater environmental consciousness in their play.

Want to inspire greener behaviors in your kid’s play? Try repurposing household items that would normally be disposed of. Why not make a tunnel for your kid’s Matchbox cars using discarded toilet paper rolls? Or creating an EV charging station out of an empty cardboard box? By making kids more familiar with eco-friendly practices, you’ll help set them—and the world—up for a more sustainable future.

Take the ‘Future Driver’ Pledge

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Show your support for electric vehicles by learning more about EVs and doing your part to create a better future.

How many EVs do you see out in your everyday world? Keep track of what you see and whether the number of EVs grows.

Continue seeking knowledge about EVs and how they can benefit the future. Energy.gov and EPA.gov are great places to start.

Share your passion for EVs with others so they, too, can learn the benefits.

Make a pledge to yourself to promote and support EVs.