Minecraft Chicken Plush With Sound

Minecraft Chicken Plush With Sound


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This plush Chicken figure is inspired by the Minecraft character to let players and fans get up close and huggable with one of their in-game favorites. Press the top of its head to hear delightfully funny chicken sounds! Standing 10.5 inches tall with an over-sized head, this soft toy is constructed with soft and squeezable fabrics, making it extra-snuggly and pillow-like. Minecraft plush makes a great gift for fans, kids and collectors 3 years old and up. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Minecraft fans can get up close and huggable with this Chicken plush figure that makes real chicken sounds!
  • The video-game character is 10.5 inches tall and made to be squeezable, making it fun to hold and snuggle.
  • Simply press the soft toy's head to hear it cluck!
  • Soft and squishy, the plush Chicken is great for bedtime and dreaming up new Minecraft adventures!
  • The fan-favorite makes a perfect gift for kids and Minecraft collectors ages 3 years old and up.
Includes 1 10.5-inch plush figure.
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