Hot Wheels Super Mario Character Car 8-Pack

Hot Wheels Super Mario Character Car 8-Pack


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Fans can find eight Mario Kart™ character vehicles together to speed off for racing and stunting madness! The Hot Wheels® Mario Kart™ Car 8-pack features a set of eight 1:64 scale vehicles with fan-favorite characters from the iconic video game driving: three karts with gliders and five die-cast vehicles. Offering an instant collection, this Mario Kart™ Hot Wheels® set of cars makes a great gift for collectors and fans ages 3 years and older. Colors and decorations may vary

  • It's an instant collection with the Hot Wheels® Mario Kart™ 8-Pack of vehicles that bring the video game action to life!
  • The set features 8 vehicles with character drivers!
  • Mario, Red Yoshi and Bowser Hot Wheels® karts have glider attachments!
  • Daisy, Toad, Peach, Shy Guy and Luigi drive game-inspired race cars!
  • Each vehicle has iconic deco and rolling wheels for push-around play and cool display!
  • Makes a great gift for fans, collectors and kids ages 3 years and older!
Includes 8 Hot Wheels® vehicles.
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