Hot Wheels Gator Loop Pizza Place Playset, Track Set With 1 Toy Car

Hot Wheels Gator Loop Pizza Place Playset, Track Set With 1 Toy Car


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In the Hot Wheels® Gator Loop Attack™ playset, a giant alligator has positioned itself in the Hot Wheels® pizza place to devour cars unless kids can stop it with their awesome stunting skills. Reposition the gator's giant tail to create a loop or a corkscrew for versatile track play. When kids launch their cars just right, they knock the gator out and race off to new adventures. Includes one Hot Wheels® vehicle and connects to other sets. Additional sets sold separately. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Take out a vicious gator that's invaded the pizza place with cool stunts and exciting track play in the Hot Wheels® Gator Loop Attack™ playset.
  • Kids launch their Hot Wheels® car into the mouth of the gator then through its adjustable tail that can be either a loop or a corkscrew.
  • Make it through safely, and the pizza sign spins as the car exits.
  • With multiple connection points on the base, kids can join the set to others and build out a world of Hot Wheels® adventures. (Additional sets sold separately.)
  • Includes 1 Hot Wheels® car in 1:64 scale, making this a great gift for kids 4 years old and older.
Includes 1 Hot Wheels® Gator Loop Attack™ playset with 1 1:64 scale Hot Wheels® car.
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