Hot Wheels™ 20 Car Pack Assortment

Hot Wheels™ 20 Car Pack Assortment


Detalhes do Produto

The Hot Wheels® 20 Car Pack delivers a trunk load of cool 1:64 scale vehicles in one open window package that displays the entire set! Collectors, car enthusiasts and kids are impressed with the variety of models with classic decos and hot designs for display, push-around play and track-set action. Twenty cars provide 20 times the outrageous racing and stunting action for Hot Wheels® fans of all ages 3 to 93 years! Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Help them jumpstart their collection with this impressive pack of 20 different fan-favorite models!
  • Attention to detail, original designs and modern takes on every kind of racer, drifter, truck, muscle car and roadster, this 20-pack is made to impress!
  • Helping a beginner get started? This instant collection will definitely set them up to drive into the world of Hot Wheels® action and competition.
  • Unlock their imaginations and help kids gear up for hours of racing, chasing and crashing fun with friends or by themselves.
  • Reward your inner child or pass these on to the next generation for the thrill of vehicle play.
Includes 20 Assorted Hot Wheels® Vehicles.
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