Fisher-Price® Simple Support™ Tub

Fisher-Price® Simple Support™ Tub


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The Fisher-Price® Simple Support™ Tub is built for making baby’s first bath easy for you and your little bather. Newborns have the support they need with a foam headrest and backrest to help keep them comfy as they lay and bathe. And as your baby grows, they can bathe upright with room to sit up and get squeaky clean. Plus, this space-saving tub is easy and compact to store after use!

  • Simple baby tub helps make newborn bath time a breeze
  • Incline with foam headrest and backrest keeps newborns comfy and supported
  • Lay and stay bump helps keep your baby steady; use upright mode with sitting babies
  • Tub features a convenient hole so it’s easy to hang and dry
  • For little bathers from newborn to 9 months
1 tub
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