Disney And Pixar Lightyear Large Buzz Lightyear Action Figure With 4 Accessories

Disney And Pixar Lightyear Large Buzz Lightyear Action Figure With 4 Accessories


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Discover Disney and Pixar's Lightyear. This large action figure of Buzz Lightyear features his familiar Space Ranger Alpha suit. The Space Ranger is geared up to take on a hostile planet and his foes, with a working MR-800M (also known as Mr. Boom) Rocket Launcher with projectile, Laser Blade DX, blaster and wrist gauntlet! The wrist gauntlet and Mr. Boom are exclusive to this pack. At 11.6 inches tall, this high quality, movie-authentic toy has 12 movable joints to recreate signature action. At this larger size, the figure is ideal for small hands to pose so kids have a BIG opportunity to recreate the excitement of battles, flights and exploration and with so many accessories, he's ready for creative storylines right away! Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Relive the excitement of Disney and Pixar's Lightyear, with this authentically designed 11.6-inch Space Ranger Alpha Buzz with multiple battle-ready accessories!
  • Buzz can take on giant bugs, toxic plants or evil robots with a shoulder-balanced MR-800M Rocket Launcher with projectile, a swashbuckling laser blade, a handheld blaster and an arm-strapped laser.
  • Even small hands can use this figure to recreate dynamic scenes and signature moves with 12 posable joints and authentic design details.
  • Other toys inspired by Lightyear are available to let fans relive the whole thrilling space saga! Each item sold separately, subject to availability.
  • Makes a great movie-themed gift for space enthusiasts and Lightyear fans ages 4 years and older.
Includes 1 Disney and Pixar Lightyear Alpha Buzz 12-inch scale figure with 1 rocket launcher with 1 projectile, 1 laser blade, 1 arm laser and 1 blaster.
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