Barbie Doll Color Reveal Gift Set, Tie-Dye Fashion Maker With 2 Barbie Dolls

Barbie Doll Color Reveal Gift Set, Tie-Dye Fashion Maker With 2 Barbie Dolls


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Barbie® Color Reveal™ Tie-Dye Fashion Maker gift set creates the ultimate unboxing experience with 50 surprises! Unbox to find a Color Reveal™ Barbie® and Chelsea™ doll in a Color Reveal™ neon tie-dye coating, a Magic Fashion Reveal Tablet that consists of white clothing to dye, a complete tie-dye toolkit that easily allows kids to create their own fashion looks for Barbie® and Chelsea™ dolls and 35+ fashion-studio themed pieces. Additional surprises include a Color Reveal™ puppy, color-change activations and a scrunchie for kids to tie-dye and wear. Reveal and repeat -- the neon paint included in the kit is washable so kids can create tie-dye fashions again and again! Kids can style Barbie® and Chelsea™ dolls with their very own fashion designs and add accessories to complete the totally tie-dye looks. Dolls cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • ​With 50 surprises, the Barbie® Color Reveal™ Tie-Dye Fashion Maker gift set delivers the ultimate unboxing experience!
  • ​Kids unbox this multi-piece set to find Barbie® and Chelsea™ Color Reveal™ dolls, a Color Reveal™ pet puppy and everything needed to tie-dye and style doll clothes for Barbie® and Chelsea™ dolls!
  • ​To start the reveal, fill the tube with warm water, place the doll or pet inside and swirl around -- the water changes color for a magical effect!
  • ​Kids open the mystery bags to find 4 customizable fashions, a Magic Fashion Reveal Tablet with 4 more customizable fashions, a scrunchie, a tie-dye kit with 3 bottles of washable paint and 35 fashion studio pieces!
  • ​Place the Magic Fashion Reveal Tablet into water to magically reveal 4 of the customizable fashions -- all 8 fashions and the scrunchie can be tie-dyed!
  • ​To tie-dye, squeeze paint onto the fabric fashions, spray with the spray bottle to set, use the tools to swirl, then remove and place on the drying station -- kids will find it easy to create their own custom outfits for Barbie® and Chelsea™ dolls!
  • ​Dress the 2 mannequins and hang the clothing on the dress rack with the hangars to admire the colorful looks created; then style Barbie® and Chelsea™ dolls with the clothes and accessories.
  • ​Wash the tie-dye clothing and scrunchie for a blank canvas and to start all over again -- kids can create new tie-dye looks again and again to explore style and self-expression!
  • ​Find even more surprises -- use icy cold and warm water for color-change transformations that can be repeated over and over!
  • ​With so many pieces and activities, this Barbie® playset makes a great gift for kids 4 years and older, especially young creatives and designers!
Incudes 1 Color Reveal™ Barbie® doll, 1 Color Reveal™ Chelsea™ doll, 1 Color Reveal™ pet, 35 accessories, tie-dye tub, 3 bottles of washable paint, drying station, tool, sponge, 8 pieces of washable doll clothing and 1 scrunchie for kids.
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