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UNO Ultimate™ Marvel


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With this UNO Ultimate™ card game, players may not be Marvel Super Heroes, but they can play like they are! This premium version of UNO® features four card decks, each designed specifically for a popular, heroic character. Each player chooses to play as a character who has special powers that they can use on EVERY turn. A Danger Deck holds 'Event' and 'Enemy' cards to switch the balance of power! Players race to get rid of all their cards just like the classic UNO® game, and they can't forget to yell 'UNO!' when down to their last one. Unique to UNO Ultimate™ are TWO ways to win each round as well as four collectible, never-before-seen Foil Cards which players can keep and collect or put in the game itself to spice up the Ultimate deck! The card game makes a great gift for fans of UNO®, Marvel and fun on game night. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • Discover which super heroes have met their match with the UNO Ultimate™ Marvel card game!
  • Each super hero character plays with special rules and powers in their deck -- there are 4 Superheroes to choose from!
  • As in the classic UNO® game, players match colors, numbers and symbols to the card on top of the discard pile -- and can use their special powers on every turn!
  • 'Event' and 'Enemy' Cards from the Danger Deck can really change the game!
  • Includes 4 collectible, never-before-seen Foil Character Cards which players can keep and collect or put in the game itself for some added shine!
  • © 2022 MARVEL

Includes 228 cards and instructions.
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UNO Ultimate™ Add-on Pack Assortment


UNO featuring one Ultimate Foil Card!


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