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Disney Pixar Toy Story 3-in-1 Buzz Lightyear Armor Pack

Ages: 5+
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    ​Become Buzz Lightyear from Disney and Pixar's Toy Story with this deluxe set of role-play items! The Space Ranger's helmet and jet pack are loaded with special features for big adventures. Put the padded armor on and adjust the straps for the perfect fit. Press the side button and the visor closes slowly with a cool sound for dramatic effect. The helmet lights up and says phrases as you navigate your adventures to infinity and beyond! Next armor up with his authentic disc launcher. The toy has lights and sounds and comes with five projectiles. Kids will feel like Buzz as they run into battle and fire his laser beam! Launch a single disc or engage the rapid-fire option to unload them all at sonic speed. Press the power red button to hear realistic sounds and see blaster lights for even bigger battle thrills! Slip on his Space Ranger wrist communicator and press the green button to reveal the secret Gamma Sector 4 control panel. You'll find a gauge (sticker) and three blaster projectiles inside. Communicate with base camp, and then run into action. Take aim, fire and protect the toys from Emperor Zurg and the Zurgbots! Each role-play toy comes in Buzz Lightyear's classic colors: white, green and purple. Colors and decorations may vary.

    • Kids become heroic Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear with role-play toys!
    • ​Authentic lights and sounds enhance the movie play excitement.
    • ​The Space Ranger Armor with Jet Pack has a realistic visor, adjustable straps andcomfort padding.
    • ​The disc launcher can fire one or multiple discs and works without them -- if you losethe discs!
    • ​The wrist communicator includes a blaster and 3 projectiles.
    • ​© Disney/Pixar​
    SKU #: GKF62