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Lil' Gleemerz™ Babies Purple Figure

Ages: 3+
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  • Product Features

    These Lil' Gleemerz™ babies are ready for teeny gleem dreams! Each have a different look and all have beautiful rainbow plush tails. Press its lil' nose and the adorable tummy lights up with LED rainbow colors. It responds to movement, too -- tilt for a purr or shake it and you may even hear it fart! Discover up to 25 cute baby sounds and phrases. Adopt them all!​

    • ​These Lil' Gleemerz™ babies were born for teeny gleem dreams! ​
    • ​Press its nose over and over for cute sounds and to light up tummy with rainbow colors.​
    • ​Tilt upside down and move all around for purrs, coos, and other silly sounds.​
    • ​For a fun surprise, press and hold its lil' nose while rocking up and down!​
    • ​Discover 25+ precious reactions!​
    SKU #: GGD03