Polly Pocket™ Go Tiny!™ Room Playset

Ages: 4+

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Get set to Go Tiny™! Thanks to a magical locket from her grandmother, Polly™ can shrink to pocket-size and embark on tiny but mighty adventures. Kids will love transforming Polly™ doll’s room and exploring all the secret hangouts and surprises. The play possibilities are HUGE!

  • Slide the locket tab to reveal the micro play areas and fun surprises, including a mini Polly™ doll.
  • The desk reveals a concert stage, the bed hides a rock wall and car, and a submarine emerges in the aquarium.
  • Polly™ doll can do the raddest skateboarding moves in the halfpipe in her bookshelf. She really sticks to her board using Polly Stick™!
  • Then she’s ready to take off for more big adventures in her tiny S.U.V. (Secret Utility Vehicle)™ or crazy-cool quadcopter!
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Key Features

Polly Pocket™ Go Tiny!™ Room

3-inch Polly™ doll

Micro Polly™ doll

Sticker sheet

Tiny S.U.V. (Secret Utility Vehicle)™, quadcopter, and other accessories