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My Password Journal

Ages: 6+
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    Hey, kids, now you can write and protect your private thoughts and special mementos in this super stylish electronic journal! The bright purple book has a voice-activated lock that opens onlyfor you - with your secret password. You can also record a customized intruder alert to ward off anyone elsewho eventries to open it!When someone attempts tomimic your password, the journal records his or her voice,soyou can play it back latertocatch the culprit! The journal comes with 25 thought-inspiring writingprompts,andyou cancreate 10 of your own. It also includes an invisible ink pen and a black light so only you canread your private writing. The black light serves as a reading light, too, so you can write anytime, anywhere – day or night – whenever and wherever you feel inspired. There is also a hidden compartment to store your super-secret stuff. My Password™ Journal inspires hours of creative writing, fun reflection and dreaming. Paper notebook included. Colors and decorations may vary.

    • Stylish electronic privacy journal with a hidden compartment to store secret stuff!​
    • Voice activated lock only opens to you
    • Records intruder's voice to catch them in the act
    • 25 writing prompts and capacity to create 10 personal ones
    • ​Includes paper notebook, invisible ink pen and black light decoder/reading light
    SKU #: GDM78