Monster High® Fright-Mares™ Penepole Steamtail™ Dolls | DGD15 | Mattel Shop
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Image for MH PENELOPE STEAMTAIL from Mattel

Monster High® Fright-Mares™ Penepole Steamtail™ Dolls

Ages: 6 & up
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    Deep within the catacombs of the iconic school live new beast friends for the Monster High™ ghouls. Half centaur-half unique monster, these monster mash-ups are real Fright-Mares™! Each 6-inch figure showcases its centaur half on the bottom with four legs and articulation that allows animated action and scary cool posing. These unique creatures have their own freaky flaws and flawesome fashions. Part butterfly and part centaur, Penepole Steamtail™ is scary smart and wicked cool. Steampunk and geek chic, she looks gore-geous with a purple body, bronze" industrial butterfly wings

    • Dimensions: 2.5 x 8 x 6.5"
    SKU #: DGD15