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My Mini MixieQ’s™ Collector’s Bundle

Ages: 4+
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    The My Mini MixieQ's™ world is just like ours… except it's totally cube-ular! Get ready for new small figure fun in kids' favorite settings! This ultimate bundle includes a Pet Store and a Candy Shop, adorable animals, tons of sweet accessories and 17 trendy themed My Mini MixieQ's™ figures! The three 4-figure packs and 5 Mystery Figures are colorful, cute and totally collectible! Each figure features interchangeable Pop and Swap™ hair and outfits, too, so you can customize your My Mini MixieQ's™, your way! Shop for your favorite critter in the Pet Store or feed the included Bunny, Kitty and Dotty Puppy with their special drinking bowls and treats! The Pet Store décor includes aquariums, a cash register, sales counter, a pet bed, supplies shelf, a parrot on a perch and more. When the furry fun is done, move on to your next stop, the Candy Shop! This bright and delightful room is loaded with yummy accents, candy bins, a standing dispenser, a treats table, a service counter and more! These rooms stack together and connect to other My Mini MixieQ's™ rooms and Playsets to keep the fun coming! My Mini MixieQ's™ are little, cute, and cube-tastic! Check out the full series of characters at Each additional figure, Mini Room and Playset sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

    • New small figure fun in 2 of kids’ favourite settings: Pet Store and Candy Shop.
    • 17 collectible My Mini MixieQ’s™ figures with Pop and Swap™ hair and outfits to customize your way.
    • Tons of themed furniture, accessories and colorful detailing for authentic play.
    • Each Mini Room and Playset connects to one another to keep the fun coming!
    • Check out the full series of characters and Playsets at

    SKU #: FBD15