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Minecraft Basic Series 2 Snow Golem Action Figure

Ages: 6+
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    Keep building the fun with an assortment of large-scale Minecraft figures based on characters from the video game. Your favorite Minecraft characters come with exciting game-authentic features and accessories unique to each one. Each figure is articulated and in 5-inch scale. Relive all your favorite moments from the world of Minecraft! Collect them all! Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

    • Collection of large-scale Minecraft figures from the video game.
    • Figures are articulated and in 5-inch scale.
    • Each comes with moveable or removable game-authentic features true to the character.
    • Relive all your favorite Minecraft moments!

    • Product information and photograph represent current planning only. We reserve the right to make changes in the products shown or to discontinue the products without further notice. The product information and photographs in these sell documents are only Mojang © 2009-2015. "Minecraft" is a trademark of Mojang AB.
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