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Image for UNSC VULTURE GUNSHIP from Mattel

Mega Bloks® Halo UNSC Vulture Gunship

Ages: 8 & up,Adult
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    Used in extended air-to-ground battles, this behemoth of the air relies on its vast array of armaments to level large enemy forces and even entire fortifications! Build this heavy gunship, featuring buildable autocannons, rocket pod turrets, and a vertical missile launcher for heavy barrages. Open the gunship's canopy and reveal a cockpit and armory for the included highly collectible USNC figures. Gear up your soldiers using the interchangeable weapons and customizable armor system, and send your troops flying into enemy territory ready to deliver total destruction!

    • Dimensions: 3.3 x 23.5 x 14"
    SKU #: CNG71