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Mecard™ Ultimate Battle Gift Set

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    Mecard™ is an exciting new action battle game based on a popular South Korean TV show about tiny transforming cars called Mecardimals! Kids will love playing out epic battling adventures with this awesome collection of Mecardimals figures. The large-scale Mega Dracha explodes into a fierce fighting dragon when you launch one of the Deluxe Mecardimals — Evan, Phoenix, or Crocky — down Dracha’s ramp. The Deluxe Mecardimals and Mecard Ex Jumbo Mecardimal also feature amazing transformations. Push the vehicles over the “magic” game cards to turn them into fantastical mech warriors. When you’re done, store your cards and up to 15 Deluxe Mecardimals in the carry case and take it on the go — for head-to-head battle anywhere! The gift set includes:

    • Mecard™ Mega Dracha (FWY67)
    • Mecard™ Evan Deluxe Mecardimal Figure (FXP22)
    • Mecard™ Phoenix Deluxe Mecardimal Figure (FXP23)
    • Mecard™ Crocky Deluxe Mecardimal Figure (FXP25)
    • Mecard™ Mecard Ex Jumbo Mecardimal Figure (FXP36)
    • Mecard™ Carry Case (FXC70)
    SKU #: GFJ81