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Ages: 8+
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    SnapShouts™ is lots of fun because it involves a little chance, a little risk, and a lot of creativity! Deal five picture cards and five letter cards to each player. Then to describe each image on their picture cards, players will write a one-word "caption" that begins with the letter that they assign that picture. So let the guessing begin! How well do your friends know you? Will they be able to guess all your captions within 60 seconds? You'll earn points when other players guess your secret captions and when you guess theirs. In every round a correct guess is worth more than a correct guess in the preceding rounds, so the game heats up! After three rounds, the winner is crowned! 200 picture cards. The game comes with 30 letter cards, a pad of record sheets, and a 60-second sand timer. Great fun and a lot of laughs for friends and families, age 10 and up.

    • SnapShouts™ is a fun family game that's as creative as you make it.
    • Write one-word captions for the images on the cards you're dealt.
    • The other players can see the image and the letter that your caption begins with, but that's all!
    • Can the other players quickly guess what you're thinking? If they can, you both earn points.
    • It’s fast thinking meets quick guessing meets mind reading!
    • For 3 to 6 players, age 10 and up.
    SKU #: FDM58