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Image for Matchbox Trash + Clean Sweep Day from Mattel

Matchbox® Cleanup Trucks Gift Set

Ages: 3+
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  • Product Features

    Inspire kids to be everyday heroes with realistic Matchbox® vehicles equipped to get the job done! Push the garbage lever on the Recycling Truck to raise the trash bin and dump recycling in the back. Make cleanup after playtime a fun activity with the Sweep ‘N’ Keep™ Truck, which can pick up most blocks or up to 10 Matchbox® cars. Roll into more road adventures with the Garbage Truck and its cool “crushing” feature — load the car, pull the handle to "crush" it, and push the handle forward to launch the car! The gift set includes:

    • Matchbox® Large Scale Recycling Truck (DWR17)
    • Matchbox® Sweep ‘N’ Keep™ Truck (DWG67)
    • Matchbox® Power Launcher Garbage Truck (DWR29)
    SKU #: FXF55