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Masters of the Universe® Weapons Pak: End of War™

Ages: For the adult collector.
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  • Product Features

    The final Masters of the Universe® Classics weapons pak is here, and it’s overflowing with fan-demanded items and long lost accessories including:

    • Mirror blaster for Strobo
    • Horde armor for Rattlor™
    • POP sword in blue for Netossa™
    • Sword, shield and axe in green for He-Man®
    • Arm attachments in Roboto® gray for Trap Jaw®
    • Arm attachments in Trap Jaw® black for Hurricane Hordak™
    • Sword, mace and shield in traditional sword gray for Sir Laser-Lot™
    • Articulated Kowl™ the Know-it-Owl in classic toy colors
    • Gold weapon treasure, including shield, small axe, axe staff, and club for Granamyr™

    SKU #: Y3213