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Image for DTC MOTU STAN LEE FIGURE from Mattel

Masters of the Universe® Standor™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    The great creator and keeper of the power cosmic is the mighty Standor™! In celebration of Mattel’s partnership with Stan Lee’s POW Entertainment comes this commemorative collector’s creation. Sculpted in the likeness of Stan “The Man” Lee himself, this essential MOTUC figure comes complete with removable cosmic armor, headdress and solar glasses.

    Standor™ Bio
    Real Name: Standor™

    Before time began, the great Gods of the multiverse convened in the Hall of Power to create all that was and all that will ever be. Head architect of this great task was Standor™. A cosmic being of unlimited imagination, Standor™ helped lead his fellow deities by fueling their energies with raw creative force. After creation was complete, it was Standor™ magic that cast the aura of the Gods across the universe as a wave of power, giving rise to all forms of life and intelligence. With his infinite energy, Standor™ reaches out into the cosmos and across the dimensional gateways to power all who would becomeMasters of the Universe®® for good or evil.

    SKU #: Y3169