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Image for DTC MOTU SHAKOTI FIGURE from Mattel

Masters of the Universe® Shokoti™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    Shabooti? Shapoopi? Ram Man® can’t remember her name, but fans have been waiting for this evil Gar sorceress ever since her appearance in the Filmation series! This fully articulated 6” figure arrives with removable red cape and her green minion, Darkling, with one eye, three gaping mouths, and multiple tentacles.

    Shokoti™ Bio

    Real Name: Shokoti

    Possessing incredible powers fueled by darkness, Shokoti™ was the most dangerous sorceress on the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia®. Fearing her plan to cover the entire planet in darkness, Shokoti’s fellow blue-skinned Gars lured the nefarious witch into the sunlight and buried her with her beast companion in the House of Darkness. Many years later, the shapeshifting wizard Masque raised the temple from the Sands of Time and opened the door to darkness once more until He-Man® heroically defeated Shokoti™ and the Sleeping Beast forever. Shokoti™ uses the darkness and magic to cast illusions and project energy blasts from her hands.

    SKU #: Y7731