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Masters of the Universe® Rio Blast™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    Howdy, Partner! The “Fastest Draw in the Universe” has a lot more to offer than just a magnificent mustache. From the frontiers of space, Rio Blast™ arrives ready to unload, with a transforming snap-on backpack that slides up and over his shoulders, just like the vintage toy. He has snap-on wrist, chest and knee guns, and his chest flap opens. His knee guards fold down to hold blasters, and his backpack ammo tubes plug into his wrists.

    Rio Blast™ Bio
    Real Name: Riolus Blast
    With the ability to transform from a normal warrior into an awesome arsenal of fire power, Rio Blast is in all ways the fastest draw in the universe. As the sole survivor of a group of heroic explorers from Loredos in a starband near Eternia, Rio ended up as the “law” in that lost frontier. Flung by a meteorb to the surface of Eternia, Rio allied himself with the renegadeMasters of the Universe® in their battle against evil. Rio Blast is nagged by the fact that he has left behind an untamed starband and he often champs at the bit to get back. He-Man promised to aid Rio Blast back home as soon as the warriors of Skeletor have been defeated once and for all. Rio Blast transforms into a one-man arsenal to get the drop on enemies!

    SKU #: BHG35