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Masters of the Universe® Mermista™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    She’s no chicken of the sea: this mighty mermaid bravely fights with She-Ra® and the rebels of Etheria. She has quite a tale to tell… and quite a tail. The princess of Salineas stands strong with a set of legs, and also arrives with an interchangeable articulated tail and posing stand. She comes ready for action with her vintage-style sand ram horn and shield.

    Mermista™ Bio

    Real Name: Elaysia
    Water maiden of Etheria, Mermista loves to spend time on both land and sea but makes her home in the hidden Crystal Falls. She has the power over water and all creatures of the sea. From thunderous crashing waves to gentle life-giving streams, are all within her power. She also has the power to spray magical waters at her foes. Equally happy to frolic beneath the pale blue sky or swim the depths of the deep blue sea, she is happiest when she visits She-Ra and her friends. When the Horde threatens to spoil the fun, Mermista mist-i-fies her foes with her magic spraying necklace. During the Second Ultimate Battleground she was confronted by the evil Mer-Man of Eternia and was forced to behead him with his own trident to protect her life. Mermista prefers peace, but when evil arises, this warrior maiden of the sea will fight to protect her friends.

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