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Masters of the Universe® Intergalactic Skeletor™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    Sometimes you’ve just gotta branch out. One planet isn’t enough for this greedy guy… he wants a much bigger piece of the cosmic pie. Representing his healed techno virus body, this figure comes with a removable helmet, cosmic Havoc Staff, and an all-new “battle damage” head for Faker®.

    Skeletor™ Bio
    Real Name: Keldor™ of the House of Miro
    Wounded by Hordak’s final buzz saw attack at the end of the Second Ultimate Battleground, the victorious Skeletor mended his body with a techno virus from Preternia. Having learned of the might of the Horde Empire, he abandoned Eternia in search of a grander prize – the entire Universe! Finding a Laser Gate at the far end of his own galaxy, he passed through it to the Tri Solar System just above the planet Denebria. It was here he recruited the Horde’s Mutant Army in a plan to lead them in mutiny against the Empire. But Skeletor was followed by He-Man, She-Ra and many of theMasters of the Universe® who had themselves allied with the Galactic Protectors. Skeletor now fights a new intergalactic battle; to rule the universe and to destroy He-Man once and for all!

    SKU #: BHG47