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Masters of the Universe® Hover Robots™ 3-Pack

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    Skeletor® deploys these drones of destruction as part of his plan to crush the King… these robotic rogues descend from the skies to rain a payload of punishment on the people of Eternia®! Each 3-pack comes with three sets of hands, a sticker sheet, and three stands.

    Hover Robots™ Bio

    Real Name: N/A
    During his campaign of terror against King Randor’sMasters of the Universe®, Skeletor often utilized Robotic Hover Drones to carry out his evil stratagems. Based on a design he pilfered from his dark arts teacher, Hordak, Skeletor’s drones were more agile than his mentor’s and carried a built in hover field to increase their mobility and durability. Hover Robots will effortlessly carry out any order—including self destruction! These techno-bots of terror carry a variety of weapons, including laser riffles, blade blasters and net lassos. Often on the front lines of battle, Hover Robots confront theMasters of the Universe® in endless combat.

    SKU #: CGP30