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Masters of the Universe® Goat Man™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    Beast Man® isn’t the most understanding guy, but if you really want to get his goat, disobey him. Fortunately Goat Man™ doesn’t have to worry about that… unfortunately, it’s because he can’t resist the commands of his master, no matter how hard he tries. This figure from the vintage Golden Books comes with a giant hammer and the mini comic version of the Staff of Avion.

    Goat Man Bio
    Real Name: Klacky

    A member of the G’hoat men from the Northern Mountains, Klacky’s species is one of the only intelligent upright races that falls subjective to the hypnotic powers of the Beast Men®. And like most of his species, Klacky was captured by the rulers of the Vine Jungle and simply called “Goat Man” by his beastly masters. Eventually he found himself in the service of Raqquill Rqazz™ and was forced to serve in the Second Ultimate Battleground. Here he was severely wounded by Buzz Off® and left at the foot of Central Tower. Crawling inside, Klacky fell into a time portal and was transported to the future, arriving on Eternia® when King He-Man™ ruled the land and his son Dare™ wielded the Power Sword®. Forced to serve an aging Beast Man® in this new time, Goat Man™ is forever following whatever evil orders he is given.

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