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Masters of the Universe® Extendar™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    This noble knight doesn’t shrink from his duties… to the contrary, this cyborg warrior towers above the enemy as he defends Eternia®! Based on the vintage character, Extendar™ has a super long reach against evil with snap-on extensions for his neck, torso, legs and arms. This fully articulated figure comes with a fold out shield, an all-new lance, and features the Etherian peace symbol on his neck and shield, just like the vintage figure.

    Extendar ™ Bio
    Real Name: Doodon
    An Etherian athlete of great renown, Doodon was tricked by Hordak® into entering his Experimentation Matrix. Here he was transformed and grafted with cybernetic parts allowing him to extend his limbs and body to great proportions. Dubbed Extendar™, he escaped The Evil Horde® before the foul effects had fully taken hold. But to his great regret, his best friend was also transformed and unlike Extendar™, Dragstor was unable to escape from Hordak’s clutches. Extendar™ eventually traveled with She-Ra® to Eternia® and joined the renegadeMasters of the Universe®® . Confronted by his enemies, Extendar™ reeeeches new heights, transforming into a superstrong warrior!

    SKU #: BHG32