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Masters of the Universe® Eldor™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    This powerful Preternian wizard has cast his greatest spell… he’s resurrected himself as a fully articulated 6” figure! Previously seen only as a prototype in the 1987 Mattel catalog, Eldor™ finally appears to complete the Power of Grayskull™ duo, taking his place alongside the 2009 He-Ro® figure. This long-awaited vintage character features details including a ram stone belt buckle, rune stones, and a spell pouch brimming with leak roots. He comes with a removable hood for full viewing of his wizard cap, wizard staff, unlit spell stone and the all-important Book of Living Spells (the Book of Transformation).

    Eldor™ Bio

    Real Name: R’tendril the Wise

    The great sage and wizard of Preternia, Eldor arrived at a burning crater and discovered a Cosmic Warrior suffering from a strange techno virus with no memory of where he came from. Healing him in a mystic pool, Eldor inadvertently and unknowingly passed the warrior’s techno infection to the entire magical planet. In gratitude for saving his life, the Warrior agreed to become Eldor’s student and help free Eternia from the Snake Men. Until his memory was restored, Eldor dubbed him “Gray” in honor of Eternia’s brave king, and taught his apprentice to use a magic staff and the Book of Living Spells to defeat evil. Later Eldor used the secrets of Transformation to cast the Three Towers into Sub-turnia, awaiting a time of great Kings; when the past and future would need to intertwine. Eldor uses his magic as a member of King Grayskull’s Masters of the Universe® Classics the Universe!

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