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Masters of the Universe® Despara™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    Dark and deviant, she’s the evil alter ego of She-Ra®, who is the alter-ego of Adora. Kidnapped as a baby and raised by Hordak®, Adora fights for the Horde until twin brother He-Man® reveals her true identity. Later, after the defeat of Hordak®, the spirit of Horde Prime possesses her and the evil persona of Despara™ emerges once again! This wicked warrior arrives with two swords, and an alternate evil head.

    Available only to subscribers of 2016 Collector’s Choice as a benefit of membership, Despara™ cannot be purchased.

    5 Things to Know About Despara™

    AKA: Adora aka She-Ra®
    Known For: DC Comics
    Abilities: Fighting skills
    Associates: Hordak®, Horde Prime
    Favorite Song: Girls Just Want to Have Fun

    SKU #: DJT87