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Masters of the Universe® Battle Ram™ with Man-At-Arms®

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    Sometimes you have to move mountains to protect your planet… make it happen with the Battle Ram™. This all-new fan-demanded vehicle comes complete with real rolling wheels and a projectile launcher, and will accept most MOTUC figures in the driver seat or on the back handle grips. The front Snake Head Jet Sled™ piece detaches and is interchangeable with the Griffin Head front piece from the 2013 Sky High with Jet Sled ™ set. Now collectors can recreate the true vintage Battle Ram™! Also included is an all-new version of Man-At-Arms® featuring a 200X-inspired helmetless ponytail head, double arm armor, Filmation-style boots, mace, a pistol, and a snap-on sword. Parts can be mixed and matched with the 2009 Man-At-Arms® and the 2012 Snake Man-At-Arms® figures.

    Man-At-Arms® Bio
    Real Name: Duncan™
    For two centuries, the Eternian weapons master and combat instructor to the royal family has been called the "Man-At-Arms." Trained by the renowned tactician Dekker and a veteran of the Great Unrest, Duncan was asked by King Randor to step into this position and fortify his guard with an elite strike force which he named TheMasters of the Universe®. In addition to his skills in combat, Duncan is also a great inventor and helped construct an electronic version of the Power Sword for Adam to use until he could unite both halves of Grayskull’s sword. Man-At-Arms and his adopted daughter Teela often scout the borders of Eternia for signs of lurking evil.

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