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Masters of the Universe® Anti-Eternia He-Man® Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    He-Man®? Nope, he isn’t! This almost doppelganger is the ruler of a dark mirror world called Anti-Eternia®. Summoned by Skeletor® via his World Converter, the evil interloper might just be the most dangerous threat to Eternia® yet. Anti-Eternia® He-Man® comes with his evil power sword, shield, battle axe, and an additional sword and shield set.

    5 Things to Know About Anti-Eternia He-Man®

    AKA: Prince Adam® of Anti-Eternia
    Known For: 1985 German Europa audio show, Episode 11
    Powers: Equal to He-Man®
    Associates: Anti-Man-At-Arms, Anti-Orko
    Battle Cry: By the power of Hellskull, I have the power!

    SKU #: DKC02