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Image for DTC MOTU - MULTIBOT from Mattel

Masters of the Universe® Multi-Bot™

Ages: For the adult collector.
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  • Product Features

    Sometimes one evil robot just isn’t enough to get the job done. Luckily Multi-Bot comes with two robot torsos, two robot heads, six legs, four arms, two guns and other assorted pieces that mix and match for endless evil opportunities. It’s almost like Modulok had an evil robot half-brother!

    Multi-Bot™ Bio

    Real Name: Serial Number 2312
    After being wounded in battle with the RenegadeMasters of the Universe®, Galen Nycoff, lead scientist of the Horde Invaders, created a robot version of himself which, like its master, could reassemble body parts in 1,001 different ways. The robot was unleashed on the enemies of the Horde during the Second Ultimate Battle ground, fighting as both a humanoid, an Attak Trak Tank and finally combined with his creator to form the Ultrabeast, a giant cyborg creature that ripped Randor’s Blaster Hawk squadron from the skies! The menacing creature was brought down by a combined blow from both He-Man and She-Ra who channeled the full Power of Grayskull to literally tear him apart piece by piece!

    SKU #: CGP24