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Masters Of The Universe® Huntara™ Figure

Ages: Adult
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    A Silaxian with superior sword skills, this brave bounty hunter gets serious props as a formidable foe for She-Ra®. Our tenacious tracker arrives with a tomahawk axe, twin laser swords, and a majestic mohawk that suits her fierce warrior style to a “T”.

    • Real Name: Tara
    • Hailing from Silax, a planet in Despondos known for its accomplished hunters and trackers, Huntara quickly rose in the ranks as a top of her class.
    • Hearing of her great accomplishments, Hordak summoned the muscular, deep-voiced bounty hunter to assist him in tracking down and trapping She-Ra.
    • Knowing the Silaxians pride themselves on their pure sense of good and evil, Hordak tricked Huntara into believing that She-Ra burned down an entire village in the name of the Rebellion.
    • Willing to take on almost any job, Huntara offers her trapping and fighting skills for anyone willing to pay her high prices.

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