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Masters of the Universe® He-Ro II Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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    The son also rises… he can’t help it, it’s in his blood. Don’t doubt Dare… this offspring of Teela® and He-Man® doesn’t hesitate to step into his role as the next guardian of the Sword of Power. He-Ro II comes with his sword and laser gun.

    • Real Name:Dare
    • After He-Man returned to Eternia following the apparent defeat of Skeletor, he at long last wed his childhood friend and sweetheart Teela.
    • Together they ruled over a peaceful Eternia, free at last from the factions that had fought over it for so long.
    • But in his distant dimensional prison, the Unnamed One re-amassed power. With the help of Evil-Lyn's son, he was released and struck out against guardians of the Sword of He.
    • Dare, the teenage son of Adam and Teela, took his rightful place and claimed his father's sword, becoming the new He-Ro, named for the legendary Wizard Warrior of Preternia.
    • Using the Sword of Power, He-Ro fought the Unnamed One, eventually slaying him with the very power he once sought to control.

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