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Image for DTC MOTU DRAGSTOR from Mattel

Masters of the Universe® Dragstor™ Figure

Ages: For the adult collector.
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  • Product Features

    Get ready for a rough ride when this speed demon puts the pedal to the metal. His transformation into a vicious vehicle of vengeance has him all revved up and raring to go… and he’s definitely not EPA* approved. Dragstor™ comes with a cross bow with a hook attachment. (*Etherian Protection Agency.)

    • Real Name: Theydon
    • One of the fastest athletes in all of Etheria, Theydon was lured into Hordak's experimentation matrix with promises of fame and fortune.
    • Instead, the former record-holding runner was transformed into a terrible mutation and brainwashed to become an Evil Horde crony.
    • Now a half-man half-machine, he became Dragstor – the vicious maniacal speed demon.
    • He is able to move faster than any other warrior and he even outpaces some vehicles! Dragstor loves to chase down helpless victims and drag them back to Hordak.
    • He transforms from evil warrior to evil vehicle, and in a burst of speed chases after enemies of the Horde with rip-roaring velocity!

    SKU #: CHF16